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Laying a foundation for the future of our park, for everyone

The Halifax Rugby Football Club (Halifax RFC) is seeking to build a clubhouse at the south end of Gorsebrook Park in Halifax. The planned scope of the project addresses several current needs, including:

  • Change rooms and showers for sports field users, not limited to the rugby club.

  • Social and meeting space for use by the rugby club and the wider community.

  • Centralized Public washrooms* for park users, including users of the playground.

  • A viewing deck for the sports field.

  • Storage for equipment by other sports users of the park

*Both the city’s Washroom and Drinking Fountain Strategy and the Gorsebrook Park Plan put a priority on public washrooms in the park. The clubhouse will be operated by Halifax Rand serve the club and wider community for many years.

Click through our presentation to learn more about Halifax RFC's Vision for bringing even more community to Gorsebrook Park though our Clubhouse Project!

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Review our Community Engagement Report from 2023

  • Who is in charge of the rest of the facility?
    Apart from the public washrooms, the building will be operated by Halifax RFC.
  • How is the city involved in the project’s public engagement phase?
    City staff provided feedback on the draft public engagement plan and, after recommended changes were made, approved the plan. City staff will receive raw survey data and other collected feedback and will view and provide input on draft reports before these are published.
  • What is Halifax RFC?
    Halifax Rugby Football Club is a community based not for profit organization and the oldest rugby club in Nova Scotia. The club trains and plays its home games in Gorsebrook Park home. For more information visit
  • Will there be any fees for using the Clubhouse facilities?
    Some services and facilities may have associated fees to cover operational costs. We aim to ensure affordability and accessibility.
  • Who is in charge of the public washrooms?
    The city will be responsible for the maintenance and operations of the public washrooms.
  • How will the construction be funded?
    The project will be funded through a combination of municipal funds, provincial and federal government grants, club funds dedicated to the project, private fundraising, and community partnerships. Halifax RFC is leading the fundraising effort.
  • Who will own the building?
    The building will be owned by the city.
  • How do I provide feedback?
    The survey will remain live until midnight Oct 7. You can also email with specific questions, concerns, or to set up a meeting with members of the project team.
  • Will lights be on all night?
    Minimal security lights may remain on to ensure safety. These will be positioned to reduce light pollution.
  • Who can use the athletic facilities like change rooms and showers?
    Any organization booking outdoor sports facilities in the park can book the change rooms and showers, subject to availability and scheduling.
  • Will events at the clubhouse disrupt the neighborhood?
    Respect for the neighborhood is paramount. We want the neighbors to view the clubhouse as a positive addition to the park and are working on ways (architectural considerations, code of conduct, hours of operation, etc.) to make sure events at the clubhouse aren’t disruptive.
  • WIll I be able to rent the community room for events?
    Yes! The community room can be accessed by residents, community groups, and organizations. We imagine the clubhouse as a hub for all kinds of activities and programs.
  • How can I know the results of the Public Engagement phase?
    Halifax RFC will publish a summary report on the project website and send it out to those who have signed up for project updates. There is a spot at the end of the survey to leave your email address to receive project updates or you can email with a request to be added to the mailing list.

Watch the January 19, 2023 presentation to Council's Community Planning and Economic Development Committee

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We are looking to understand the needs & wants of all the relevant stakeholders of the clubhouse project, so let us know what your vision for the park includes! Survey open until the end of day October 13th.


Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns about this project.


Take a look at our recent presentation slides to get a more detailed sense of who we are and what we are proposing.


Who we are



Everything we do, we do together



We bring the best of ourselves to what we do


We are stronger when we maintain committed to our foundation



We believe that everyone has a place in rugby

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